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We are offering consultations and trainings in more than 50+ countries in 6 continents. Capitalising on its growing network of international like-minded associates, glopedea has considerable experience in working within a multi-cultural environment on development programs in throughout Europe and worldwide.

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All our consultants and trainers are with proven track record and great reputation.Our trainers and consultants are totally familiar with the architecture necessary to facilitate and expedite a change process through individuals within any organisational context.

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Our ability to offer local trainings and the local languages, is a guarantee for your success.We design and deliver bespoke programmes to exact your client and culture specifications. The platforms for delivery can vary depending on your needs and requirements.


What we bring to the table is our international experience, our creativeness in coming up with practical ideas, as well as our toolbox of proven methods.

We focus on dynamic companies who are looking for pragmatic solutions. We think entrepreneurial – not theoretical.

We are looking forward for a chat with you on your specific challenges.

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